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Let's work together to bring more tasty Indonesian snacks to Singapore! 

Looking for a place to display your delicious snacks? Put it with us! 


Indosnacks.sg is looking for partners to come on board to the Singapore Market with their unique snacks. We have over 100 snacks but there can never be too many choices, right? 


Fill in this form to express your interest in collaborating with Indosnacks.sg!

Please give us some time to look through the forms and reach back to you! In the meantime, do follow our Instagram @indosnacks.sg for more updates on upcoming event/bazaar opportunities! 



We look forward to working with you! :)

Please ensure all information are correct before submitting to allow us to successfully contact you!


Should there be any enquires, feel free to reach us through email at indosnacks.sg@gmail.com.